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Money Saving Tips

Buying College Textbooks Online

Buying College Textbooks Online Among the many times when you go crazy about books is during college time and there is a good deal of books one usually ends up buying for college. But the million dollar question would be “how to buy all the college textbooks without ending up exhausted from running from one book shop to another and in affordable prices?” So if you are about to start you college year and are looking to buy college textbooks, is th...
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Buy International Edition Textbooks

Buying International Edition Textbooks an alternative way to save money! College is one tough time. You need to get all the books and more to sail through you dream school. That is what keeps most of the college students visiting bookshops, but affordable textbooks are not that easy to find. Obviously there are options that students can choose from, but one of the best ways to land affordable textbooks is buying the international editions of textbooks. Yes! An international edition is a te...
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How to source for Cheap Textbooks

How to source for new college textbooks online at affordable price! College time is a great time. But at the same time it is tough to get everything packed in one bag; something always left out. Piles and piles of books seem less; new assignments every day, new paper to present every day. There is always one more book to consult. But funds for college textbooks are limited. One either has to go around taking notes in libraries or renting books. Not the best two options. S...
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Why Textbooks Cost So Much

Student studying in United States paying US$1000 to US$1500 per semester buying education materials! College textbooks are expensive and it is not fair. They cost college students a fortune; either it is their first year at college or last. You probably are aware of the fact that textbooks and other education material are a bit too expensive for a regular student to afford. Students in United Stated spend around $1000 to $1500 on their textbooks and other education material every semester....
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Disadvantages buying Used Textbooks

Disadvantages buying used textbooks! With inflation hitting every corner of society, prices are swelling up fast. College textbooks have become a headache for students who already have a hard time paying their college dues. Student going to medical schools, engineering universities, law schools etc keep looking for cheap textbooks. An average US student spends around one thousand dollars to fifteen hundred dollars merely on college textbooks and other education material. In these circumsta...
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Rent Textbooks disadvantages!

Rent textbooks disadvantages! Books are expensive. And with the passing time, where media had gone wild and information is pouring out of internet, textbook prices are going sky high, especially college textbooks. Minds of students from around the world, while planning for their college year, keep working for finding out the best alternatives for these expensive books because it can cost a student around 1000 to 1500 dollars a semester in US if they buy textbooks online or from a book stor...
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