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Our Company is the new synonym for a reliable, cost effective and competitive online book supplier operating throughout the globe. We are an international brand that has been the leading independent bookseller and library supplier since 1989, making sure you lay your hands on the right books in the right prices. We are based in Raleigh, 27617 North Carolina and cater an international market with our giant network of book supply services that march through Europe, Asia and go all the way up to Australia. We are the best at what we do and offer quality, variety, money saving and satisfaction, wrapped up in one neat little bow, to our customers.

Over the period of time media has evolved into a whole new species. Even with electronic media blinding the onlookers with its glittery shine, the importance of books is still intact. It is now an established fact that books will never go out of fashion and nor does the need for a book supplier that offers services which are not only user friendly but pocket friendly as well. With the modern world swirling its map into a giant online global village, the need for an online book service is inevitable. This is where steps in. We have been at the top of our game for more than two decades offering reliable, easy and cheap textbook availability to all sorts of clients. Whether it is a student looking for a course textbook, a book addict craving for another dose of storytelling or an occasional reader longing to read a sensational thriller; we have it all and we offer it in the most reasonable price range you can ever imagine. The secret to our success has been our strong urge and desire to work as a family and help our customers in every way possible. Here at, we understand the needs of our customers and thus attend to their worries accordingly. Every customer, besides being our prospective business client, is a part of the system we have dedicated ourselves to. They come to us when they need books. And we give them what they want. Books! is and has been a top notch book supplier for the past many years and we do not like to disappoint our valued customers. Thus we have one of the largest reservoirs of books to cater the requirements of our respective clients. Our collection holds more than 3 million books of all genres; offering variety and quality at the same time to all sort of readers. We attend to an international market and thus believe ourselves to be a giant global online bookshop. Besides having a huge collection of wisdom, we have warehouses around the world to share it and meet the demands of our clients. With our roots deep in USA, we have spread our book supply network across many other continents and have warehouses situated in countries like Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. We offer online, worry free, services to readers around the globe.

Our Approach

It is relatively easier to climb up the ladder but harder to stay at the top. Here at we have been striving to provide services to our clients that surpass all other bookseller service providers in the market through quality, variety, ease and simplicity. We have dedicated ourselves to the book business and this is what we are good at. In fact we are the best out there!

Online book purchase demand is on the rise. People no longer want to stride all the way up to a book store and search for books. Now if people need books, they search online. World has changed and so has the remedy for it. To make thing even simpler has started to provide online bookseller and library services unlike anyone else in the market. We follow simple rules of simplicity and user-friendliness. We realize that savings matter to everyone. Starting from students to elderly readers, if one can save a penny, one must. To pass on these savings to our customers, we run our operation at low cost. This way you get to enjoy the savings and the books!

Online purchasing is one risky business, especially if you are in it for the first time. There are many book provider services out there in the market, but unfortunately not all of them are reliable or can be trusted., on the other hand, is a quality conscious brand. We have an international standing and a reputation built over the span of two decades. We offer reliable and competitive services to clients all around the globe.

The possibility for any business to score success lies is it tendency to satisfy its customers. It may sound simple but it is one tough job. And this has been the secret behind the success of We work as a family and try to simplify the book buying process for our customers. Their satisfaction is of utmost important to us. We offer agility combined with reliability in our services. Customers get what they want, when they want and in the best pricing. This is what makes them keep coming back to us.

Here at we maintain a state of the art system to update our collection of books. Hundreds of books come out in the market every day. So to ease the pressure on our customers we streamline the data in a user friendly manner, including updates of book titles and new additions to our collection, which helps them in finding their desired books in a snap. It is as simple as a few clicks of your mouse!

We value our customers and their time. It is crucial to us that our customers get what they want in time. We offer book delivery/shipping services with some of the most popular and reliable courier services like DHL, FedEX, UPS, USPS etc. Orders are delivered to customers at their doorstep within three to five business days. We believe that our customers only deserve the best and that is what you get when you come to