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Disadvantages buying used textbooks!

With inflation hitting every corner of society, prices are swelling up fast. College textbooks have become a headache for students who already have a hard time paying their college dues. Student going to medical schools, engineering universities, law schools etc keep looking for cheap textbooks. An average US student spends around one thousand dollars to fifteen hundred dollars merely on college textbooks and other education material. In these circumstances used books offer a reasonable alternative. Different bookshops across street corners and many online book suppliers sell used textbooks in lower prices compared to the new textbook.

The word cheap textbooks sounds good to ears but there are a lot of disadvantages in buying used books merely because they are cheap. We will guide you through a few disadvantages that used books present and then we will suggest you a better alternative. Used books, although lower in price, are of a limited number. If go for online shopping of used books or visit any bookshop for that matter, you will find out that there are only a limited number of books available in that cheap textbooks category. It is not necessary that the book you seek is also available, because only a handful of students sell their old books to shops or other online bookseller. And with time new editions of textbooks keep hitting the bookshelves, making old edition of less or of no importance, depending upon the content of that textbook. Usually what you will find among these used books would be such old editions.

The most obvious problem with these used textbooks, which can also be referred as the “cheap textbooks”, is that they are old. And old does not always necessarily mean gold. When it comes to books, old can mean torn-up and half breathing as well. If you are in a bookshop buying these used books, you can always check it thoroughly yourself, but when you are buying online you cannot see what condition the book might be in. There might be some pages missing in it or some of them might be torn up bad or marked with ink in such a way that important information might be hidden. One might wana be very careful before buying used books. What if you can buy brand new cheap textbooks? Now that is an alternative everyone would like to know more about. is you ultimate savoir. We have been the leading bookseller and library supplier since 1989. And over the span of two decades we have come out as an international brand name offering services around the globe. With over 3 million books in our inventory, we offer a wide range of books of all genres in the most reasonable prices imaginable. We run our operation at low cost to pass the direct saving to you so that you can buy brand new textbook, instead of used ones, while keeping your finances under check. This way you get to enjoy the savings and the books. We offer book delivery/shipping services with some of the most popular and reliable courier services like DHL, Fed-EX, UPS etc around the world. It is as good as it sounds; simple, reliable and affordable. That is what you get at