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Rent textbooks disadvantages!

Books are expensive. And with the passing time, where media had gone wild and information is pouring out of internet, textbook prices are going sky high, especially college textbooks. Minds of students from around the world, while planning for their college year, keep working for finding out the best alternatives for these expensive books because it can cost a student around 1000 to 1500 dollars a semester in US if they buy textbooks online or from a book store. When it comes to college routine, piles and piles of books seem less where students have to make new assignments every day and present a new paper every now and then. There is always one more book to consult. But funds for college textbooks are limited and this run from one shop to another in order to land cheap textbooks can be exhausting. The most popular alternative that most of the students opt for is either renting a book or buying a used edition. Used books can be a limiting option, as not every book is available out there on the internet or a bookshop. So the major crowd goes to book rentals. But book rental is a problem in itself. How? Let us guide you a little before your college year starts.

Renting a book appears to be a reasonable and affordable alternative. There are many book rental services available for students. Students can get any book they want for a fixed amount of time, pay a rather cheap rent and can use that book for study purposes. But there are many disadvantages that come along with a rental book. When u rent a book, you are taking a responsibility back home, you have take care of that book more than you do for your own books because any damage to the book will eventual cost you, making the overall rent plus damage control package almost close to the original book` s price. In some rental services, if you somehow damage the book or lose it you have to pay a fine equal to the book`s original price. And then comes the disadvantage that you cannot use these rental books as a reference, while making an assignment or presenting a paper, once your rental period is over.  Also you have to pay extra charges if you do not return the book on time, which eventual adds-up this book-extension-payment to your overall textbook budget. Not good!

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